Band Name Stories


Ever wonder how some of the coolest bands got their names? This awesome article discovers some of the great stories behind the world’s best loved bands. Below is an excerpt from the article telling us how the mighty Pink Floyd got their name.

“Even in their formation year of 1965, Pink Floyd was destined for greatness and continued to do so for the next twenty-nine years until its breakup. With fifteen albums, their contribution in progressive rock music is considered legendary and an incredible masterpiece in music and are one of the most commercially successful music bands of all time; selling more than 250 million albums worldwide.

Initially called “Tea Set”, the band thought about other names when they were booked on a bill with another band having the same name. Vocalist and song-writer SydBarret came up with the name The Pink Floyd Sound as an homage to the blues musicians Pink Anderson and Floyd Council. “Sound” was soon dropped as the band began to gain success and the name The Pink Floyd – and sometimes just Pink Floyd – was”

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