Learn The Blues

The blues can easily be overlooked in terms of its influence on music and, more importantly, guitar players. Although nothing says you have to start “from the beginning” genre wise, when learning the guitar, it is a fantastic place to learn some of the fundamental techniques that shape how we play. From tone, vibrato, sliding and bending, all of these key dynamics are used extensively within the genre. Frank Gambale (the guy in the video) is a well known jazz-fusion player. Here, he tries to show just the sort of things that the blues can teach you as a player. Regardless of what style you love, many genres stand in the blues’ shadow.

The blues may not be a mainstream genre in itself, but its lessons can help in many modern playing situations. Have a listen and check out Frank’s cool solo from 1:55 onwards. And remember if you would like to learn some more about this genre and brush up on some blues licks, grab your guitar and get in contact with us

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